Enjoy unlimited electric vehicle charging, advanced cybersecurity, AI-powered support, and remote checkups.

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  • Basic: $49.99/month

    • Unlimited charging and access to stations during off-peak hours.

    • Monitor your charging status via our mobile app.

    • Basic customer support during business hours.

    • Access to special events and newsletters.

  • Standard: $79.99/month

    • Unlimited charging with 24/7 access to charging stations.

    • Real-time charging status updates via the mobile app.

    • Priority customer support with extended hours.

    • Access to special events and newsletters.

  • Premium: $119.99/month

    • Includes all Standard Plan features.

    • Priority access to charging stations during peak hours.

    • Comprehensive maintenance checks twice a year.

    • Customer support with dedicated service.

    • Discounts on EV accessories.

  • Platinum: $159.99/month

    • VIP priority access to all services.

    • Complimentary emergency roadside assistance.

    • Exclusive access to new features and beta programs.

    • Dedicated VIP support line available 24/7.

    • Invitations to exclusive events, webinars, and programs.

Exclusive Benefits

  • PaidPlugβ„’ (In Progress)

    • Experience the complete freedom of unlimited charging for your electric vehicle at any of our extensive network of charging stations, without worrying about additional costs. Whether you heading home, or on a road trip, you'll never have to stress about paying for a charging point or dealing with hidden fees.

  • CyberTuneUpβ„’ (In Progress)

    • Optimize your EV system and security with AI-powered remote services. Enjoy regular check-ups, diagnostics, and adjustments from certified specialists. Our service includes automated software updates, predictive maintenance alerts, and advanced security measures to ensure your EV remains in peak condition.

Electrr Future

  • RoofRoadβ„’ (Future City Travel)

    • Experience eco-friendly, unlimited travel powered by renewable energy. Our AI-driven pods will cruise city streets and rise via special pathways on building walls to reach rooftops for flying mode. This innovative system will use sustainable technologies, facilitating efficient movement across urban landscapes and popular destinations, ensuring quick and easy travel options.

  • AirtaxiBikeβ„’ (Urban Air Mobility)

    • AirtaxiBike represents the future of eVTOL air taxi transportation. Integrated with RoofRoad, these lightweight, AI-powered, two-seat bikes will seamlessly transition from ground travel to flying mode with autopilot capabilities. They will operate on renewable energy, ensuring efficient and comfortable travel within and beyond city limits, offering an innovative transport solution.

Electrr Concept

  • NeurLinkβ„’ (Mind Reading AI)

    • Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology will enable mind-controlled gestures for managing climate, entertainment, and more in your home and EV. Control settings and interaction will be purely through your thoughts, providing a truly hands-free experience. NeurLink will lead in advancing automotive and residential technology, enhancing connectivity through human-machine interaction.

  • FlyingVillaβ„’ (Sky Luxury Home)

    • A revolutionary high-altitude platform (HAPS) residence will be powered by solar, wind, and hydro energy. It will feature expansive interiors, state-of-the-art amenities, and breathtaking panoramic views. Engineered for extended hovering capability, FlyingVilla will offer a sustainable and luxurious living experience at the forefront of eco-innovation, poised to redefine high-altitude living standards.

Why Choose Electrr?

  • Unlimited Charging: Charge your EV whenever and wherever you need, without limitations.

  • Remote Cybersecurity: Stay connected to your EV with real-time security monitoring.

  • Expert Maintenance: Remote diagnostics ensure your EV runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Global Network: Access our services worldwide, making your journey convenient.

  • Eco-Friendly: Powered by renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro.

  • Convenient: Charge at multiple locations across the city or while on the go.

  • Reliable: Simplify your EV ownership with our comprehensive subscription.

  • Cost-Effective: Save money with our flat-rate subscription plans.

  • Flexible: Cancel anytime with no long-term commitments.

  • Innovative: Cutting-edge technology to meet all your EV needs.

  • 24/7 Support: Expert assistance is available whenever you need it.

More Solutions & Benefits:

  • Early Access Pilot Program: Join waitlist now for one month free membership and be first in line when we launch. Limited availability, join waitlist today.

  • Comprehensive Device and Vehicle Coverage: Our services extend to electric bikes, boats, drones, scooters, and wearables, ensuring all your electric devices are taken care of.

  • Renewable Energy Sources: Our network is powered by renewable energy (e.g., solar, wind, hydro) for a sustainable future.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailor-made plans to meet your unique needs and preferences.

  • Community Rewards: Earn rewards and discounts by participating in our community events and initiatives.

  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprises, just straightforward subscription plans.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay ahead with the latest advancements in EV care and management.

Why We Offer Unlimited EV Charging?

Unlimited charging subscriptions provide exceptional value and convenience for our customers while ensuring profitability for us. Here’s why:

1. Energy Costs in the U.S.:
- Wind Power Rate: average $0.02/kWh
- Solar Power Rate: average $0.037/kWh
- Hydro Power Rate: average $0.085/kWh
- Regular Energy Rate: average $0.1668/kWh

2. Driving an EV for 1,000 miles requires about 346 kWh of electricity:
- Cost with Regular Energy: $0.1668/kWh * 346 kWh = $57.73
- Cost with Renewable Energy: (average of wind, solar, and hydro rates)
- Wind: $0.02/kWh * 346 kWh = $6.92
- Solar: $0.037/kWh * 346 kWh = $12.80
- Hydro: $0.085/kWh * 346 kWh = $29.41
- Average Renewable Cost: ($6.92 + $12.80 + $29.41) / 3 = $16.37

By offering unlimited charging, we encourage more people to switch to EV's, supporting a greener future. This approach is profitable because it allows us to effectively manage costs through variable usage patterns, diverse pricing plans, and economies of scale.

Partner With Us

  • Charging Station Owners: Expand your customer base by joining our network.

  • Automotive Manufacturers: Integrate our AI-powered services into your electric vehicle models.

  • Energy Providers: Partner with us to supply renewable energy for our charging stations.

  • Tech Innovators: Collaborate with us on the latest EV technology.

  • Investors: Be part of the future of sustainable transportation.

  • Real Estate Developers: Integrate our charging infrastructure into your residential and commercial properties.

  • Retail Chains: Host our charging stations to attract eco-conscious customers to your locations.

  • Municipalities and Cities: Work with us to develop smart city solutions for EV infrastructure.

  • Logistics and Delivery Services: Utilize our technology for efficient fleet management.

  • Battery Manufacturers: Work together on advancing battery technology and recycling programs.

What People Are Saying? (From thousands of admirers and supporters)

- John D., EV Enthusiast: "Electrr vision for AI-powered EV services is exactly what the industry needs. I can't wait to see it in action!"
- Jane S., Tech Advocate: "The idea of unlimited charging and emergency support powered by AI is revolutionary. Electrr is set to transform the EV landscape."
- Emily R., Sustainability Expert: "Electrr commitment to renewable energy and seamless EV ownership is inspiring. I'm excited to see how they change the game."
- Michael B., Business Innovator: "The future of EV ownership looks bright with Electrr. Their innovative approach to remote check-ups and security is impressive."
- Sarah L., Tech Enthusiast: "I admire Electrr dedication to making EV ownership effortless and enjoyable. Their services will be a game-changer for all EV users."
- David M., Environmental Advocate: "Electrr sustainable solutions and AI integration are exactly what the world needs right now. I'm eagerly looking forward to their launch."
- Anna K., Early Adopter: "The concept of comprehensive, AI-powered EV services by Electrr is groundbreaking. Can't wait to see it become a reality."
- James P., Global Traveler: "Electrr global charging network and seamless integration are poised to make international travel with an EV easier than ever."
- Rachel S., Urban Commuter: "The promise of priority access to charging stations and real-time updates is exciting. Electrr is paving the way for the future of urban mobility."
- Tom W., Tech Entrepreneur: "Electrr cutting-edge technology and focus on customer experience are setting new standards in the EV industry. Their vision is truly inspiring."

How It Works? (coming soon)

  1. Sign Up: Choose your plan and create your Electrr account.

  2. Register Your EV: Add your electric vehicle details to get started.

  3. Access Services: Use our app to locate charging stations, request remote check-ups, maintenance, and more.

  4. Charge Unlimited: Enjoy unlimited charging for your electric vehicle and devices, at multiple locations.

  5. Experience Electrr: Seamlessly enhance your EV ownership experience with our comprehensive services.

AI Support

  • Google LLC

    • Google has granted us $300,000 USD in credits to access essential cloud resources and tools, enhancing our AI capabilities.

  • Microsoft Corporation

    • Microsoft has provided $300,000 USD in credits, enabling us to leverage their cloud services to grow our AI solutions.

  • Amazon.com

    • AWS has allocated $100,000 USD in credits, facilitating our access to Amazon's cloud services to boost our AI development.

Join us for one months of free membership at launch.

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